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Loonatiek is a group project commissioned by the Imagine Film Festival.
The collection is based on Stanley Kubric's "A Clockwork Orange" and "The Shining". These surreal films have deeper meanings hidden in every detail. The misplaces objects, eerie music and strange interactions left us intrigued and inspired. We experimented with misplacing body parts and items of clothing on the body. We digitally filled in certain parts of photos to play with flatness and dimension. This led to multiple textile and print designs. We also played around with shapes, volume, genderroles and distorted angles.
After three months of hard work, we presented our collection of 6 looks in a performance and an installation in the beautifull EYE film museum in Amsterdam.

Rena Jansen, Jasmijn Taken, Debbie Jellema, Eline Schagen, Mirte Luijmes & Sahin Donmez
Joost Ter Meer
Samuel Boss (Boss styling), Nikita Kremer
Marnix Vinkenborg (Apollo Model Management), Jitte van Veen, Lisanne Kamphuis, Trijnie van der Kruijt, Eva Salman
Marnix Vinkenborg