The years between being a child and being an adult is a time of many changes: your body grows, your emotions get more intense, unwritten social rules get rewritten and society starts expecting things of you. It happens all at once, and you don’t have control over it and your questions don’t get answered. When reality gets so confusing, wouldn’t you rather just remain a child for as long as possible? That’s what 14-year-old me thought. I covered myself in hundreds of rainbow-colored accessories and wore a pacifier around my neck with pride, while simultaneously hiding underneath my oversized tees and my fringe. My appearance became a parody of that of a child, and I used it to rebel against the expectations of a girl in puberty; desperately wanting to become older. Why don’t some of us want to grow up? Are we growing up too fast? With this project I dove deep into my past and tried to uncover the reasons behind my behaviour and that of others like me.
Rena Jansen
Daphne Oude Geerdink
Sophie Theenaart
Rosa Mol

Short Fashion Film - ADO LESS SENSE