Rena Jansen (1996) is a Dutch fashion designer who graduated with Honours from the bachelor Fashion and Design at the University of the Arts Utrecht in 2018. Before this, she did a pre-bachelor in Art and Design at ArtEZ and in 2017 she interned at the luxury streetwear label Typical Freaks.
Being born in a creative household, she has had the opportunity to explore her creativity from a young age. At the age of 11 she started experimenting with her own appearance and wardrobe, exploring multiple subcultures and experienced taking on different identities. This experimenting sparked her fascination for fashion and how clothing can influence the wearer. Her fascination for youth rebellion, Japanese culture, surrealism, consumerism and childhood nostalgia are returning theme’s in her work. Her creations are conceptual, colourful and bold yet minimalistic at the same time. In her work she questions the things as we know them by creating contradictions and by reshaping clothing archetypes. To her, fashion is a form of art and a way to express herself and the things that are happening in today’s society. Besides this, she strives to minimalize her addition to the environmental impact by mostly using overstock materials from the fashion industry and other industries.